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Organizations must increasingly seek participation and engagement of people with their brands. Engagement occurs when individuals and groups act consistently with long-term vested-interest. Human Engagement is the result.

Human Engagement appears in many different aspects in business and the community. VANAD Group differentiates engagement in five key areas: Customer Engagement, Employee Engagement, Citizen Engagement, Patient Engagement and Shareholder & Stakeholder Engagement. VANAD Group is supporting these five engagement categories with outsourcing, knowledge and solutions aligned with the business- and technology challenges in Cloud, Business Intelligence, Mobile, Big Data en Customer Experience.


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We are always looking for new talent to be part of our team. We as a company can only be successful if we have good people. Each and every employee adds to the success of our organization. Whether you are working as a contact center employee, project manager, team leader, developer or account manager; you are very important to us!

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